Leandros Perivolaropoulos

Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
University of Ioannina 

My main research interests include theoretical and astrophysical aspects of cosmology, gravitational physics (extensions of  General Relativity) and cosmological effects and  field theory of solitons in the context of particle physics. One of the main  goals is to learn about fundamental physics by studying scenarios for the structure and evolution of the universe. 

I am also interested in applying New Technologies (computational techniques) in both research and teaching.  Links to such projects involving applications of New Technologies can be found below. They include a  new course titled 'New Tecnologies in Education' I have proposed, constructed and taught at the Physics Department of the University of Crete, on-line simulations of soliton evolution, on-line virtual experiments, several talks on-line, on-line simulation of vortex formation in first order phase transition, simulation of perturbed Q Ring Decay etc.

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                            PHONE      : 30-26510-08632
                            E-Mail         : leandros@uoi.gr 

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List of Papers  from Spires Database (with links to Citations) 102
Citation Summary 2960
List of TopCited (50+ Citations) Papers  (from Spires Database) 17

Position - Degree Title


Time Period

Professor Physics Department, University of Ioannina 2010-present
Associate Professor Physics Department, University of Ioannina 2002-2010
Research Fellow Physics Department, University of Patras 2001-2002

Associate Researcher D

NCSR Democritos Research Center

1999 - 2001

Teaching Faculty

Hellenic Open University

1999 - present

Visiting Professor (PD 407)

Physics Department, University of Crete


Military Service

Greek Artilery Forces


Visiting Research Fellow

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics


CfA Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard Center for Astrophysics


Predoctoral Fellow  (Degree Received: Ph.D.)

Physics Dept. Brown University, Advisor: Prof. R. Brandenberger


Graduate Studies  (Degree Received:  M.Sc).

Physics Dept. Brown University,


Postgraduate Research Fellow

National Research Foundation (Athens, Greece)


B. Sc. Degree in Physics (Grade: 'Excellent')

Physics Department, University of Ioannina


University Courses:

Course Name

Academic Year


Class Level

Introductory Computing  (PH150)

1996 - 97


Freshman (1st Year)

Concepts of Modern Physics  (PH103)

1996 - 97



Introduction to Cosmology

1996 - 97


Senior (4th Year) - Graduate

Concepts of Modern Physics  (PH103)

1997 - 98



Introduction to Theoretical High Energy Physics

1997 - 98


Senior -Graduate

New Technologies in Education (PH652) 1998-99 Fall Junior
Classical Mechanics I 2002-03 Fall Sophomore 
(2nd year)
Classical Mechanics II 2002-03 Spring Sophomore 
(2nd year)
Classical Mechanics I 2003-04 Fall Sophomore 
(2nd year)
Classical Mechanics II 2003-04 Spring Sophomore 
(2nd year)
Classical Mechanics I 2004-05 Fall Sophomore 
(2nd year)
Classical Mechanics II 2004-05 Spring Sophomore 
(2nd year)
Classical Electrodynamics I 2005-10 Fall Junior
Classical Electrodynamics II 2006-10 Spring Junior
Gravity and Cosmology 2006-present Spring Graduate Course
Quantum Mechanics  II (video-lectures ,  e-course (moodle)) 2011-present Spring Junior
New Technologies in Education 2011-present Fall Senior

Teaching at the Hellenic Open University

Course Name

Academic Year


Class Level

Open and Distance Learning


Fall - Spring

Post Graduate

Introductory Physics and Math 2001-present (video-lectures of 2011-2013) Fall-Spring Freshman

Supervised Theses in Cosmology

Student Name


Academic Years

Thesis Title

Current Position

Savas Nesseris

Ph. D


Cosmological Constraints of Extended Gravity Theories

Postdoc at Niels  Bohr Inst.

Arsenia Horozidou M.Sc. 2007-08 The Isotropy of the Hubble Diagram Graduate Stutent

Supervised Theses in Physics Education

Student Name

Academic Year

Thesis Title

Georgia Iatraki


The Program Camtasia Studio in Physics Education

Tasos Anagnostopoulos 2005-06 Synchronous e-Learning with the Program Centra and Comparison with Traditional Methods

Recent Selected Invited Academic Seminars (download ppt files)
(Internet Explorer is required in some of the links below)

Seminar Title



Accelerating Expansion of the Universe from Topological solitons

2013 Math Dept. Ioannina

Is there a fundamental cosmic dipole?

2013 Univ. Paris Sud, France

Generalizing ΛCDM with Inhomogeneous Dark Energy

2011 Montpellier, France

ΛCDM: Triumphs, Puzzles and Remedies

2011 Barcelona

Accelerating Universe: Geometric Observational Constraints and Growth of Perturbations

2010 Athens

Beyond the SubHubble Approximation for the General Relativistic Growth of Perturbations: Scale and Gauge Dependenence of δ(z).

2009 Montpellier, France

Is ΛCDM the Correct Model?

2009 Kolymbari, MCCQG Conference

How to make Solitons from Particles  (contributed)

2009 Demokritos (EESFYE meeting)

A Comparison of Dark energy Probes

2008 Montpellier, France

Accelerating Universe: Recent Observations and Implications for Extended Gravity Theories

2008 Thessaloniki (NEB13)

Cosmological Constant:  Tests in the Cosmos and in the Lab (contributed)

2008 Olympia EESFYE meeting

Accelerating Universe: Observational Status and Implications for Extended Gravity Theories

2007 Bilbao, Spain

Accelerating Universe: Observational Status and Theoretical Implications

2007 U. of Crete

Can f(R) Modified Gravity Theories Mimick a LCDM Cosmology?

2007 Athens

Crossing the Phantom Divide: Observational Status and Theoretical Implications   (ppt file)

2006 Barcelona

Crossing the Phantom Divide: Observational Status and Theoretical Implications   (ppt file)

2006 Montpellier-France

Repulsive Gravity and the Accelerating Universe   (ppt file)

2006 Niels Bohr Inst. - Univ. of Ioannina

Cosmological Parameters from Type Ia Supernovae  (ppt file)

2005 Third Aegean Summer School

Reconstruction of Scalar-Tensor Theories from the Hubble Expansion History  (ppt file)

2005 Third Aegean Summer School

Accelerating Universe: Observational Status-Theoretical Implications (voice included in wmf file)

2005 ELASET Astrophysics Conference
Big Rip and the Fate of the Universe 2005 National Technical Athens
Dark Energy Evolution: From Antigravity to Hypergravity 2004 EESFYE Conference, Chios
Cosmological Effects of Extra Dimension Oscillations 2002 EESFYE Conference, Patras
Q Rings 2001 Imperial College (London)
Physics of Solitons 2001 Univ. of Patras
Dynamics of Q Balls 2000 ESF Network Meeting, Capri, Italy
Dynamical Effects of the Cosmological Constant Antigravity 2000 HEP2000 - Univ. of Ioannina

Talk: Latest Measurements in Cosmology and their Implications


Univ. of Crete

Talk: Superconducting Semilocal Stringy Textures 1999 Les Houches Winter School
(ESF Meeting)
Developing Observational Cosmology in Greece 1998 Astronomy 2000+ Meeting
Introduction to Modern Cosmology 1998 Summer School
(University of Crete)
Electroweak Vortex and Core Structure of Embedded Topological Defects 1998 Soliton Conference (Durham)
Semilocal Vortices 1998 Univ. of Crete

Projects I have Prepared for the Web:



Stability of Semilocal Strings (Postscript Plots etc)

December 1998

Article: New Technologies in Education (in Greek)

February 1999

Dynamics of Q Balls (simulations on-line)

October 1999

Virtual Experiments Project

January 2000

Simulation of Vortex Formation in First Order Phase Transition

February 2001

Simulation of Perturbed Q Ring Decay

March 2001

Numerical Code for Supernova Data Analysis

February 2004

Bound Systems in Phantom Cosmologies

October 2004

Constraints on Linear Potentials from SnIa Data

December 2004

Evidence for Cosmological Oscillations

March 2005

Comparison of SNLS and Gold SnIa Datasets

October 2005

Crossing the Phantom Divide: 
Theoretical Implications and Observational Status

October 2006

The Limits of Extended Quintessence

November 2006

Tension and Systematics in the Gold06 SnIa Dataset

December 2006

Can f(R) Theories Reproduce a LCDM Cosmology?

March 2007

Testing GRBs as Standard Candles

May 2008

The puzzle of the accelerating universe: Dark energy or Antigravity?  (in Greek)

October 2008

Comparison of Recent Type Ia Supernovae Datasets

August 2009

Growth of Dark energy Perturbations in Scalar-Tensor Cosmologies

January 2010