Electroweak Vortex and Embedded Topological Defects


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Electroweak Vortex and Embedded Topological Defects 

Structure of Talk 

Formation of Topological Defects 

Classification of Topological Defects 

Defect Applications 

Electroweak Model 

Vortex - Fields 

Nielsen-Olesen Vortex 

Semilocal Vortex 

Stability of Semilocal Vortex I 

Stability of Semilocal Vortex II 

Stability of Semilocal Vortex III 

Electroweak Embedded Vortex 

Stability of Electroweak Vortex I 

Stability of Electroweak Vortex II 

Stability Map for Electroweak String 

Embedded Vortex Core Structure I 

Embedded Vortex Core Structure II 

Stability Map of Generalized Embedded Vortex 


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