Q Rings

Main focus:  Analytical and Numerical Study of a new ring-like metastable excited state of Q Balls.

Talk presented at the COSLAB Workshop (Imperial College, London  July 2001)

Published in Physical Review Letters Phys.Rev.Lett.86:4459,2001

Authors:   Minos Axenides, Emmanuel Floratos, Stavros Komineas and  Leandros Perivolaropoulos .  


We show the existence of new stable ring-like localized scalar field configurations whose stability is due to a combination of topological and nontopological charges. In that sense these defects may be called semitopological. These rings are Noether charged and also carry Noether current (they are superconducting). They are local minima of the energy in scalar field theories with an unbroken U(1) global symmetry. We obtain numerical solutions of the field configuration corresponding to large rings and derive virial theorems demonstrating their stability. We also derive the minimum energy field configurations in 3D and simulate the evolution of a finite size Q ring on a three dimensional lattice thus generalizing our demonstration of stability.

Work available in print:   PS file of the paper with figuresSource TeX  File ,   Figure1    Figure2

Numerical Simulations of the Decay of a Perturbed Q Ring (evolution of  charge density contours).

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x-z plane charge contours

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